Are you a Kashhrek fan? Then you are at the right place! It’s not mandatory to own a Kashhrek, but we are strongly encouraging that you level one if you have him.


The Kashhreks
-E&P alliance description-

Please read all below if you would like to join us

We are a dedicated alliance made of daily players, but we realise real life comes to first place.

We are friendly and chatty group of people and will enjoy most if you are sharing same values.

Official language of alliance is English.

Alliance is using discord as a way for external and improved conversation between players.

We would like you to know the importance and role of each hero and basic mechanics of titan fights, raids, and alliance war strategies. Therefore we expect that you have:
1800 trophies
3400 team power
30 suitable heroes for AW (each of them min 400tp)

Untill alliance is established to a level where it would need full attention to titan fights mercing is allowed.

General recommendation for players activity:

– be nice and polite to other alliance members, we don’t need any drama and we respect everyone’s opinion as we are a group of mature people.

– everyday activity with reasonable effort is expected unless you specifically announce that you are going to be absent for some period of time (we prefer discord for this)

– be a team player, as we are group of strong individuals but we like to try out new strategies and experiment with the game so we expect you to be an equal part of our team

– alliance war enthusiasm is expected from players as we found it as one of the best and most creative aspects of this otherwise repetitive game.

– titan fights are not in our focus atm, but as we grow we would expect that you can handle how to deal with titans and that you know how to use pulverizer hero with addition of attack buff and strong color heroes.

– we are not competitive to the level that we require of members to maintain number of trophies but it’s always nice if you can keep the number of trophies as higher as you can

If you found this interesting you can contact The Kashrekss in-game or you can check us out on our discord server: https://discord.gg/nZeBM45

Be a Lizzard